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Why Buy a Phone Case From totallee?

UPDATED: August 18, 2019

By now, you’re probably well aware that the phone accessory market is brimming with heavy-duty cases. One company, however, has spent the last three years specifically going against the grain. Totallee, a phone accessory startup based in Southern California, has been shaking up the industry by producing slim, affordable cases for the iPhone, Pixel and Galaxy. We recently spent some time with totallee to better understand why people are swapping out their old cases for totallee’s line of slim, minimalistic products.


A hand pulling out a totallee warranty card
1. Attention to Detail

From well-considered products and packaging to hand-signed warranty cards, totallee goes the extra mile to make the little things count. They carefully inspect every single case to ensure it meets their quality standards.

thin and minimal phone cases by totallee
2. Thin Cases

Totallee’s elegantly thin, unbranded cases, are made for those who like the way their phone looks but know they need external protection.

A man in a suit with an invisible head and a hovering iPhone
3. No Middleman

Totallee cuts out the middleman and sells directly to consumers, allowing them to offer high-quality cases for less than half the market price.

A totallee package delivered at a door step
4. Convenience

Buying a phone case should be a streamlined process without crowded parking spaces or long checkout lines. Totallee’s online shop is easy to navigate and open 24/7.

Johanna, totallee's customer service guru, in front of a computer
5. Quality Customer Service

Totallee loves it’s customers. You can ask for help or say “Hello!” via email, phone, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. They offer a 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee on every product.

Totallee Team
6. It’s Run by a Small Team

Totallee was started in 2013 and has since grown to a team of eight individuals who care about the products they sell and about the people they sell them to. Every order is hand-signed and fulfilled at their office in South Pasadena, CA.

A phone case from totallee costs $35, whereas a case from the current industry leader runs you $49. Totallee makes the process as convenient as possible, shipping your order within one business day. The phone accessory world is crowded and convoluted, but one company is doing its part to change it.