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Meet: Our Packaging

    Earlier in the year, we set out to give our product packaging a little refresher. As an e-commerce company selling direct to consumers, our challenge was to design packaging possessing the functionality of traditional shipping boxes, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of retail/display packaging. We wanted the opening of this packaging to be an experience; one that was easy, thoughtful and personal. 


totallee's packaging: a hovering thin iphone case, blag bag, black warranty card and kraft cardboard box

We quickly landed on corrugated kraft cardboard for the shell of our packaging. This material is durable (to protect the contents), lightweight (to reduce shipping costs), and the natural color compliments our primarily monochromatic brand aesthetic. Like our iPhone cases themselves, the boxes are as thin as possible and stripped of the unnecessary. 

Within the box, you are greeted by a white "thank you" envelope on the left-hand flap. This envelope contains a hand-signed 2-year warranty 30-day money back guarantee card with the signature of the individual who carefully packed and inspected the shipment. We included our contact information on the reverse of the card so our customers can easily get in touch. 


totallee's minimalistic black bag packaging

The next element of our packaging is the custom printed black, poly-bag. We wanted a simple, yet effective, way to keep the goods in place during transit to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. Two tear-notches near the top of the bag make for quick and easy opening, but if you feel like taking your time, we also included a zip-open/close top so the bag can be reused (Mother Nature will thank you). 

The final design touch to seal the deal, quite literally, is a friendly, black sticker to keep the box tightly closed. Subtly printed on the lower left corner of the sticker is the word "enjoy". It all starts, and ends, with the details...


totallee's packaging: an elegant black bag, kraft cardboard box, a black iPhone case, and black warranty card.