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Spring Cleaning Your Phone

     It’s officially spring this week. In addition to your typical spring cleaning, it’s also time to tidy up your phone. Whether you're an iPhone or an Android user, you’ve been neglecting this one for a while, haven’t you? A disorganized phone is an inefficient phone. Check out our tips below for making your phone feel like new.

Out With The Old, In With The New

    You don’t have the newest phone yet, but you’re feeling the age in your current one. Not to fear–there’s plenty you can do to refresh your phone and make it feel like new. Small touches such as changing up your ringtones or wallpaper can help your phone feel refreshed. It’s like moving furniture around in your apartment–even the slightest differences can make the familiar feel new. And if that’s not enough rejuvenation, another way to make your phone feel like new is to replace your worn-out, broken-down case. Try one of totallee's ultra thin cases for your iPhone, Pixel, or Galaxy


Restore Order to Your Home Screen

     It’s fair to say that most phone users’ home screens are a mess. Maybe you have Tinder on the first page and your Mail on the second (talk about priorities…), or perhaps you accidentally put the NBA app in a folder with your Wells Fargo banking app. Clean that up, man. You can move apps anywhere you like simply by pressing down on an app, waiting until the apps start shaking, and then dragging it where you like. There aren’t any hard rules for organizing, but suffice to say, like-minded things belong near other like-minded things. If you want to make folders to group similar applications–like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar–drag your desired app on top of another and voilà, you have a folder that can be named and moved around as one unit.


Transfer Photos

     Your photos take up a lot of space, and let’s be honest, you probably have way too many selfies lingering on your phone right now. Transferring them over to your computer will free up some of that precious, precious storage. Just hook your phone up via USB and transfer your photos to your computer, which should automatically launch when you first link up. Make sure to check the box next to “Delete Items” when you’re importing so that your phone gets rid of all the photos you transfer over. If you’re on the move, you can email yourself pictures you want to save and then delete them off your phone.


    It's so important to backup your phone! What you you do if you lost those pictures of your niece's fourth birthday party? Or those blackmail photos of your best friend from that time where you were at that place and that thing happened? Backing up your phone also insures that you don't lose those less important things like contacts. iPhone users can back up data to iCloud or iTunes. But if you're an Android user, you can easily back up your info to the Google Cloud.


Physical Cleaning

     Hands are gross. So are pockets. Your phone has a lot of contact with both of those things, and no one wants a reflective pool of oil buildup covering their screen. A good physical cleaning every once in a while keeps your iPhone looking sharp and sanitary. It's important to clean your phone, but also to clean your case. Check out our post on How to Clean Your Phone Case for some awesome tips.