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Behind the Scenes: Our iPhone Spring Cleaning Kit

      As a small business, the effect of having a lasting, positive impression on your customers is priceless. Maintaining that relationship might seem daunting, but sending your customers a thoughtful surprise helps show how much you appreciate them. We thought giving a behind-the-scenes look at our recent endeavor, a spring cleaning kit, might serve as an inspiration for other startups and small businesses.

At totallee, we love surprising customers with unique gifts to show our appreciation. Before, we had sent out chocolate iPhones – made in-house!  


Since we’re continually appreciative of our customers, it’d make sense to continually send out thoughtful gifts. We wouldn’t stop at iPhone chocolates. But what would we do next?


totallee team members brainstorming, with thought bubbles above their heads


It came to us like a bolt of lightning. In our recent article, Spring cleaning your iPhone, we mentioned the importance of physically maintaining your device, so why not provide people the tools to actually do so?


 A sparkling iPhone 6


Short of swapping out your iPhone case, what is really necessary to physically refresh your device? We landed on two essentials: an alcohol wipe (to rid your iPhone of oils, germs and rubbish) and a microfiber cloth (to remove any lingering moisture and debris).


totallee's alcohol wipes and black microfiber cloths


You know the adage, “you eat with your eyes first?” Presentation of this kit was key. We decided that simple, clean design along the same lines of our normal packaging was the best way to go. Why try to reinvent the wheel? A thank-you card and a mention of our blog post would do the trick.


totallee's spring cleaning kit, including a card, alcohol wipe, micofiber cloth, along with 2 black envelopes


Giving your customers a thoughtful surprise isn’t only for their benefit; the gift of charity is a real thing. Now the whole team’s got warm fuzzies thinking about all the iPhones we helped clean.