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iPhone Apps That Can Make You Money

Your iPhone is more than just a useful tool for communication. It can replace a host of common personal items you’d otherwise have to buy, saving you money on things like a wallet, GPS, and camera. But what you might not know is that by using certain apps on your iPhone you can actually make money. If you use the apps we’ve listed below frequently enough you can generate some extra side dough for accomplishing simple tasks, some of which you’ll feel good about doing, like losing weight or going green.


Achievement App Recommended by Totallee


Get in shape and keep yourself healthy with Achievement. This app offers you money for a variety of health and lifestyle-related accomplishments. Walk your daily 10,000 steps? Get paid for that. Meditate for 20 minutes? Get paid for that, too. You can also log the food you eat and track your sleep schedule. The data you generate is used in medical research, so not only are you getting paid to stick to healthy habits, but you’re also assisting in our understanding of the human body.


Field Agent App Recommended by Totallee

Field Agent 

Calling all amateur sleuths. Field Agent pays you to travel to malls, chain restaurants, and supermarkets to report back that things like signs, prices, and products are where/what they’re supposed to be. In short, you’re auditing businesses. The pay is some of the best for these kinds of apps: you earn anywhere from a couple bucks to $10 for each task.


Ibotta App Recommended by Totallee


Ibotta lets you get the benefits of using coupons without being that annoying person in line with a fistful of paper coupons. The app provides you a long list of coupon options that you can redeem for cash after you buy a product. Let’s say you’re shopping at the supermarket and Ibotta has a $2-off coupon for Bounty paper towels. All you do is select the coupon in the app, buy the Bounty paper towels, and then scan your receipt after you’ve paid for your groceries. Ibotta will put the $2 in your account automatically.


iPoll App Recommended by Totallee


If you like offering your opinion on things, there is no better app for you than iPoll. Complete “missions,” i.e. participate in surveys, and get paid at least $1 for each (some pay more, usually depending on length). The surveys can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, so when it’s all said and done you could end up making around $10-ish per hour by sitting on your couch and providing your opinion on an app. Who knew using an iPhone paid minimum wage?


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