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Must-Have iPhone App and Accessory For Every Personality Type

Do you use your iPhone for a specific purpose beyond, of course, the typical texting, calling, and scanning of Facebook? Maybe you use it for your design projects, your workout routine, or traveling around the world. We’re running through six types of specific iPhone users and their corresponding must-have apps, accessories, and useful settings tweaks.


ultra slim iPhone case by totallee

The Creative

When your head isn’t in the clouds planning out your next design project, you’re surfing the web for mid-century modern coffee tables and couches for your loft in the arts district.

Must-have app? Pixelmator. If you’re serious about iPhone photography, this professional-level app does it all, letting you enhance, edit, and annotate your photos.

Useful settings tweak? When using the Camera, tap the screen where you want the lens to focus, and drag the sun icon next to it to increase and decrease brightness.

iPhone accessory for you? The navy blue thin case. Having the color of the sea and the sky on your phone will help keep your creative juices flowing.

Further reading: How To Take Quality Photos With Your iPhone. For example, if you need to zoom, do it by moving closer to your object and not with your camera lens.


genuine leather iPhone case by totallee

The MBA Professional

Your iPhone is your most indispensable personal belonging. You also carry a backup that you keep hidden for when your spouse confiscates your main device and you need to make an emergency business call from the bathroom of that new Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Must-have app: Evernote. Organize all your notes with this simple, clean app. Post anything from graphs and presentation material to Post-it notes on your “All Notes” wall.

Useful settings tweak: Low Power Mode. Save power and keep your iPhone running on the go. Settings → Battery → Low Power Mode (On)

iPhone accessory for you: The black leather case. It’s the thinnest leather case out there, providing effortlessly sophisticated style, so you don’t have to worry about looking professional while you’re trying to rule the world.

Further reading: Five Tips To Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life. Learn how to flip your phone to grayscale mode and view how your battery’s power is being distributed amongst apps.


tempered glass screen protector by totallee

The Workout Fanatic

You love to post Game of Thrones-themed memes about the gym on your friends’ Facebook walls (“Brace yourselves; Leg day is coming”). And although you might not be a licensed personal trainer, that doesn’t deter you from giving unsolicited posture tips to strangers using the squat rack. 

Must-have app: Map My Fitness. Log your route, pace, distance, and calories burned on your runs. You can also connect with your friends and challenge them to keep up with your workouts.

Useful settings tweak: Custom Vibrations. Give important contacts a specific vibration so that you only have to stop your run to take a call when it’s absolutely crucial. Enable custom vibrations: Settings → General → Accessibility → Custom Vibrations. For a specific contact: Select contact → Edit → Vibration → Create New Vibration.

iPhone accessory for you: The tempered glass screen protector. Use it in conjunction with an iPhone case to add quality supplemental screen protection. (Just don’t test it by dropping a 45-lb plate on it.)

Further reading: Getting Healthy Using Your iPhone. You’re probably more health-inclined than most, so check our guide out if you’re interested in extra tips.


braided nylon iPhone charging cable by totallee

The Traveler

“Who’s up for a Euro trip this summer?” your friends post every spring on Facebook. Please--you’ve already been to every continent; Europe is merely your warmup. You’ve spent so many long-distance flights lodged between two strangers in the air that sleeping upright feels natural to you. 

Must-have app: Google Translate. Instantly translate between 103 languages with internet connection or 52 without.

Useful settings tweak: iPhone Language. Change your default iPhone language to prep for that trip in a couple months. Settings → General → Language & Region → iPhone Language

iPhone accessory for you: Charging cable. Your number one priority while traveling: Keeping your iPhone charged and working.

Further reading: Traveling Internationally With Your iPhone. Learn how to avoid long-distance roaming charges and have backups of your important documents on your iPhone.


minimalist iPhone case by totallee

The Baby Boomer

Despite your age, you are younger at heart than the vast majority of your peers. Your daughter’s back home from college for spring break? Time to fill up the fridge with Franzia boxes so she’ll know you’re still hip and with it!

Must-have app: Pandora. Radio-style music that you tailor to your preferences. The kids are really into it.

Useful settings tweak: Larger Text. Increase the size of the text on screen. Settings → General → Accessibility → Larger Text (On) → Drag slider

iPhone accessory for you: The solid black case. No fuss, just a simple and branding free case that's perfect for anyone with an old soul.

Further reading: Slow iPhone? How To Make It Run Faster. Follow our list of tips to keep your device running as smoothly and quickly as possible for as long as possible.


super light iPhone case by totallee

The Social Media Expert

You run a social media account for work (in addition to your own personal account, of course). The majority of your day is spent keeping tabs on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and updating your multiple accounts according to the issues du jour.

Must-have app: Hootsuite. The Eye of Sauron for social media managers/users, Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media accounts from one place. Plus it gives you custom analytics to help you keep your posts on top of the social media heap.

Useful settings tweak: Turn off Auto-Correction. Don’t let random auto-corrected words kill the point of your tweet. Settings → General → Keyboard → Auto-Correction (Off)

iPhone accessory for you: The clear thin case. You show off everything, so you're phone should be no different.

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