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Five Small Ways To Freshen Up Your Daily Routine

     It's a new year and what better time to spice up your daily routine? Changing your perspective can open up your life to new experiences, new people, or a new you. It can be daunting to try and break from “the usual,” so we’ve put together some tips to ease into these changes.


1. Getting to Work

     Taking public transportation to work saves you money on gas and parking, and you can do more with your time. Leave behind that self-important Mercedes driver jockeying in and out of lanes on the freeway at 8:30 in the morning, and use that time to catch up on work emails, send texts, or read a book while on the subway/bus. Instead of spending all your energy reading a never-ending line of bumper stickers you can appreciate your surroundings.



2. Go Outdoors and Stretch Your Legs

     It’s the middle of the workday and you’re struggling to stay focused, but you’ve already had two cups of coffee and you’re halfway through a third. Stepping outside, walking around the block, or just getting out the door during your break is a great alternative to caffeine overload. A breath of fresh air gives your brain a chance to decompress. If you can’t move away long enough to get outside try standing at your desk to get some blood flow going (made even easier by having a standing desk). Your sore muscles will thank you for it.



3. Shop Local, Shop Organic

     So you’re sick and tired of the synthetic feeling of your supermarket chain. You want to be able to feel the dirt on your produce as you buy it. You want to know where your food is coming from. You want healthy, organic food that makes you feel as good as it tastes. There’s a simple solution: your local farmers’ market. They’re everywhere these days, and happening all the time--you don’t have to get up early on your precious Sunday morning to get your local eats. Farmers’ markets are all over the place, you don’t have to drive out to the middle of nowhere; the USDA has a whole section of their website to help consumers conveniently locate their nearest market.


4. Cook At Home

     Now that you have your locally-sourced greens and fruits, it’s time to put them to good use. Cooking might seem like a leviathan task, but it’s got the potential to be most rewarding of your routine-refresher: you’re saving money by skipping takeout and you get to tailor what you’re eating to exactly what sounds good to you. Bonus points: any leftovers can be brought with you to work the next day and you can impress your coworkers with your wicked cooking skills. Don’t get discouraged if it feels difficult or like too much effort--putting together a home-cooked meal is one of the best ways to live a healthier life. Feel proud of your culinary masterpiece.


5. Recycling

     It’s so easy to toss things into the trash without a second thought. But you’re not about that anymore. You’re here to make your routine better, and a good way to do that is with recycling. It’s a habit that benefits both you and your environment; recycling conserves natural resources, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, and creates sustainable jobs in the United States. It might seem like too much at the start, but you’ll sleep better knowing that you’ve helped yourself and the planet, one craft beer bottle at a time.