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A Guide to Help Compare Totallee’s Phone Cases

UPDATED: September 3, 2019

Since 2013, we here at totallee have been making phone cases that are thin, streamlined and as minimalistic as possible. We weren’t exactly fond of what we were seeing from other case companies -- slim cases that were expensive, thick cases that were impractical -- so we decided to venture outside the box and come up with our own for the iPhone. We currently offer two styles: matte and transparent. Let’s break them down one by one below.

matte totallee cases for iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy

Get it if you don't want any added bulk

Our thinnest and lightest cases, the matte cases were designed for the pragmatic minimalist, who knows they need a case for protection but wants the least physical intrusion possible. At a mere 0.02” inches thick and 0.1 oz light, our matte polypropylene plastic case is hardly noticeable in your hand. It also features precision cutouts for all buttons, speaker holes, sensors, charging ports, and cameras. There’s even a raised lip around the camera for added protection.

If you’re an iPhone user, our matte cases come in semi-transparent options: frosted clear, frosted black, blue, and green. 

Our matte cases are best suited for those who want the most minimalistic version of protection possible.

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clear totallee cases for iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy

Get it if you want to show off your phone

If you’ve ever looked at your brand new phone, and wished you could keep it looking just as it is, then look no further than our transparent clear (soft) case. This clear case is made from crystal clear TPU, and is available for all current iPhones. (For those of you new to TPU, it has a flexible, rubbery feel to it).

The slim profile (only 0.03” thick) and transparent material make it seem like there is no case on your phone at all, while still keeping it protected. It also features a raised lip around the camera, and protective button covers for the volume and power buttons.

This is by far the best case for the true iPhone purists who want to keep their device looking fresh out of the box.

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