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What Does Your iPhone Case Say About You?

     A few months ago, we posted our Guide To Compare Different iPhone Case Styles to help you pick between 9 popular iPhone case models. Well, now we're back with the same 9 options, but this time we're going to tell you exactly what vibe you're putting out by using those particular options...


totallee's black ultra thin iPhone case.


Coffee is your best friend, and you live your life on the go. Your friends email you instead of texting you. You’ve been known to handle two conference calls simultaneously. Because efficiency.


A heavy duty iPhone case


You dress in plaid twice a week, minimum, and drive a white Ford F-150. Lumberjack cologne is your go-to scent. With the right tools and supplies, you can fix any car problem. Literally.


totallee's transparent iPhone case


You are meticulously clean and well organized, and care deeply about preserving the external design of your iPhone. Your friends are constantly bugging you: “Hey bro, can you design a website for my doggie sweater business?” Just because you can doesn’t mean you will.


A waterproof, iPhone case


Your life’s an adventure. You cliff jump and hike national parks on the weekends, and you’re constantly in your friends’ ears about going skydiving. You have a collection of photos of lizards you’ve caught over the years.



A bumper case for an iPhone


You still drive the ‘02 Saturn your parents bought you in high school because it gets you from Point A to Point B. You’re more than happy to eat your roommate’s week-old Chinese food if it “smells fine.”



An iPhone case with a crazy design.


You wear a lanyard around your neck for style. In the summer you lifeguard at a camp in Minnesota. “I can hold my breath for a minute and a half,” you tell people often. “Wanna see??? *Gasps for air, plugs nose*”



A belt holster case for an iPhone


You’re married and have two teenagers that rip on you constantly for still using AOL. It took you five years too many but you’ve now learned how to respond to an email without replying all.




A tan, leather, case for the iPhone


You’re in the third year of your PhD program at Reed. You have two acoustic guitars hanging from the wall in your living room. “The chick’s dig quad guitar.” Editor’s note: The “chicks” do not dig quad guitar.




An iPhone case with charging capabilities



You’re well prepared for whatever life can throw at you. You wear cargo shorts for utility… but deep down you kinda like how they look.



Still having trouble finding an iPhone case that is right for you? Allow me to introduce our helpful infographic that will make this process quick and easy, because all those wild Pokemon out there aren't going to catch themselves...