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What materials are our iPhone cases made out of?

      What materials are our cases made of? Are they flexible or inflexible, light or heavy, thin or thick? In light of last week's article about comparing our cases, we’re diving into the above questions on the specifics of what goes into our cases and what it means for you, the totallee case user.


Back view of a thin iPhone 7 case in black, made by Totallee

The Scarf

     Our slimmest and sleekest case, the Scarf is made of polypropylene (PP), a highly durable plastic with a brushed finish for extra grip. Although PP is a moderately flexible substance, the case has a sturdy spine that lends itself to its structural support. Also, PP doesn’t discolor over time, so there’s no need to stress about your case yellowing (or worse) with age. The Scarf weighs in at a negligible 0.1 ounces--compared to others on the market that can weigh up to four ounces--and is 0.02” thin.


Back view of a thin and transparent iPhone 7 Plus case on a Jet Black iPhone 

The Spy

     Ready for your word of the day? Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It’s the substance we use to make the Spy, our entirely transparent case that prefers its martinis shaken, not stirred. TPU is lint-resistant (it won’t be glued to your phone when you pull it out of your pocket) and extraordinarily flexible, so much so that you can bend the top around to touch the bottom of the case as if you were bending space-time in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos. The TPU’s soft, rubbery surface is eminently grippable and feels comfortable in your hand. Note: it’s rare for the Spy’s transparent TPU to discolor over time, but it occasionally does; we recommend wiping the case clean every so often. The Spy weighs 0.6 ounces and has a thickness of 0.04” inches.


 Back view of a durable and protective iPhone 6 case, made by totallee

The Doberman

     The Doberman is comprised of TPU just like the Spy, the only difference being that the Doberman is thicker and more durable. The exterior feels simultaneously soft and firm; it has a rubbery adhesive-ish feel, designed to keep your phone steadfast on the restaurant table so your dramatic, mid-story swipe doesn’t send it careening down to the floor along with your $14 glass of bordeaux. There’s also no chance of discoloration with the all-black case. The Doberman is 0.05” thick throughout and 0.06” thick on the sides for added drop protection, in addition to a protective lip running around the edge of the screen. The Doberman weighs 0.9 ounces.