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What is the Best Case for the Red iPhone?

Over the past 10 years, Apple has partnered with (RED) to create unique products in an effort to raise money for the fight against AIDS. This year, the two are back at it again with the release of the Red iPhone 7 and Red iPhone 7 Plus. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these beauties and are looking for a way to protect (but not conceal) your device, we've got some iPhone case recommendations for you.


A thin red iPhone case on the red iPhone 7 plus

Our Thin iPhone case in Burgundy Red

The Scarf is the slimmest and lightest iPhone case in our collection, so naturally it lends itself to individuals who "don't want an iPhone case", yet know they need some level of protection. The Scarf comes in a variety of colors, but the best fit for the Red iPhone is, well, you guessed  Although not intended to be an exact color match, the Scarf in burgundy red will pair perfectly with the new Red iPhone (we promise). 


For a full look at all our iPhone cases on the Red iPhone, see below:

the scarf cases on red iPhone 7 Pluses

the scarf cases on red iPhone 7 Pluses


Okay now that you're all done...

How about a proper introduction. We're totallee and we make the best ultra-thin cases trusted by over 200,000 customers and counting. All our covers are super light, branding free and provide functional, everyday protection.

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thin white iPhone X case
thin white iPhone X case side

$25  thin iPhone cases
available in 13 colors

thin blue Pixel 2 XL case
thin blue Pixel 2 XL case side

$25  thin Pixel cases
available in 4 colors

thin black galaxy s9 plus case
thin black galaxy s9 plus case side

$25  thin Galaxy cases
available in 5 colors