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Unboxing Your Phone Case Order From Totallee

You just ordered a thin phone case from totallee for the very first time – nice move. Moments later, your mail client flashes INBOX (1) and you frantically open your order confirmation email. You review your purchase summary and feelings of anticipation and excitement start to build. Your mind begins to run wild, imagining what the unboxing experience will be like. 

Some people love to play this imagination game and fully embrace the unknown, while others prefer to know exactly what they are getting themselves into. If you fall into the latter category, this article is for you and will offer a sneak peak of our packaging. If you associate with the former, you're more than welcome to continue reading, but just know that it is article is filled with #spoilers...


totallee packaging -- custom printed kraft box with "enjoy" sealing sticker

The Shipping Box

After a mere 2 days and 5 hours, the tracking page shows PACKAGE DELIVERED and you rush to your front door. At your feet, you see a simple kraft box, housing your recent purchase. This is the moment you've been (not-so) patiently waiting for. Now before you blaze through this part of the process, let's take a minute to appreciate this hero who selflessly protected your order along its journey from our address to yours. 

Printed and manufactured with a local partner in Los Angeles, CA, this custom corrugated kraft box was designed to be as durable and lightweight as possible. The rigid cardboard ensures your package arrives in one piece, while its slim profile helps cut down on shipping costs and reduces material waste.

We hand fulfill each order from our South Pasadena office and as a final touch, we apply an “enjoy” sticker to the outside of the box. This seals the container and also embodies the way we want you to feel about your overall experience with us: delighted and joyful. 


totallee packaging -- "thank you" sleeve and signed warranty card


Thank You Sleeve + Warranty Card

Now it's time to open'r up. You remove the "enjoy" sticker, flip the front cover open and see a white "thank you" sleeve on the left-hand side containing a black card. Much like opening a gift from a relative, its customary take the time to read this card before proceeding any further. Signed by the person who inspected and packaged your order, this black and white card is a token to our attention to detail and commitment to quality. On the reverse, you will find our warranty policy information and contact points, should you ever need to get in touch. This card, too, was printed and manufactured in the USA.

Want to know who signed your card? (Yes, we're real people). Head on over to our about us page to put a face to the mark on the card; simply hover over a team member to reveal their signature.


totallee packaging --  matte black bag

Matte Black Poly Bag

So you've made it past the box and past the card and sleeve – there is only one thing standing between your and your precious case: a simple matte black poly bag. Designed to make sure your case doesn’t rattle around inside the shipping box, this bag adds an extra layer of protection to prevent your case from getting scratched in transit. 

You have two opening options here: 1) use the tear-notches near the top of the bag to make for ultra-quick access or 2) methodically peel open the zip-close (just like a sandwich bag). Option 1 will likely get you to your product faster (and there's nothing wrong being excited), but Option 2 will allow you to reuse this bag. Regardless of the route you take, you'll finally be united with with the case you've longed for. 


totallee's 3 thin iPhone cases

Your Thin Phone Case

Ah, there she is in all her glory: an phone case so slim and stylish that you'll never think about going back to any other option. At this point, there is really nothing left to do but to apply and enjoy... unless you want to share your unboxing experience, in which case we would be thrilled. Mention us on Instagram or Twitter with @totalleecase.