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Totallee's Thin Black Leather iPhone Cases

One of the most important things you can do as a responsible iPhone owner is pick up a case for your device--but not just any old case. The ideal case is one that dovetails nicely with your iPhone’s design aesthetic and gives you a level of sophistication and external protection. That’s exactly what you get with totallee’s black leather iPhone case.


totallee's thin genuine leather iPhone case

100% real leather

Totallee’s black leather iPhone case is composed of natural leather and designed for both style and resiliency. Not only does the leather feel great in your hand, but it’s also substantially easier to grip. Whether you’re heading out to an upscale gala for the night or planning a camping trip to Yosemite, this case has your back.


Totallee's thin ultra light leather iPhone case


Weighing in at a mere 0.1 oz, this case will never feel like it’s bogging you down. Feel free to cavalierly whip your iPhone out of your purse or pocket on a second’s notice and capture that fleeting moment with your friends on video.


Totallee's ultra thin real leather iPhone case

impossibly thin

At only 0.02” thin, this slim leather iPhone case hugs snugly around the profile of your iPhone and won’t compromise the device’s original design. Don’t be fooled though--you’re still getting quality protection from scratches, bumps and scuffs.