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Totallee's Minimalist Phone Accessories

Your cell phone is your everything, and being armed with the right accessories can make your life way easier. Knowing your phone is charged up, protected, and maneuverable means you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

You’re probably familiar with our cases, but you may not know that Totallee has a lineup of five meticulously designed accessories guaranteed to make using your phone more effortless than ever, in your car, in your home, and while you’re on-the-go.

We created each one of these products with your ease and convenience in mind, and they all come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. If you don’t love what you bought, we’ll issue a refund, and if anything happens to your product (whether it’s your fault or not), we’ll send you a free replacement.

Here’s the lineup:

wireless charging pad

Wireless Charging Pad - $59

Isn’t it about time we left wires behind? Our wireless charging pad makes charging your phone a million times easier — no wires, no fuss. Just pop your phone onto the surface (no need to remove the case!) and walk away.

It works with all wireless charging enabled iPhones. It’s super thin (.25mm) and has a fabric charging surface and rubber stops on the bottom to keep it steadily in place. It’s also really fast, and takes 30 to 45 minutes less to charge your phone than a traditional charger.

wireless charger

Plus, it comes with all kinds of protections to optimize your phone’s performance. It shuts down if the surface gets too hot and disables charging when other metal objects come in contact with it.

It also has a “trickle charge” feature where it cuts off charging when your phone reaches 100% and only starts up again when the battery starts to drain — a feature which will help your phone battery last longer. It also comes equipped with a 1 meter micro USB to USB 2.0 cable.

totallee Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger - $59

Keeping your phone charged and mounted while driving is something we’ve all struggled with. Between unreliable car chargers and mounts, it can be tough to make sure your phone stays charged and ready. But our wireless charger is designed specifically to mount and charge at the same time — all with a 360º rotation so your phone will work on portrait or landscape mode.

It’s a breeze to install, with a secure clip designed to fit into almost any air conditioning vent. It also has arms that automatically fit to your phone’s specific size. Just drop your phone and the arms will gently close with a padded grip. To release your phone, it’s just one tap on the touch-sensor release areas.

Wireless Car Charger

And just like our wireless charging pad, it can save you 30 to 45 minutes charge time, works with all Qi compatible phones and has a trickle charge mechanism. It also charges through your Totallee case, and most others, so no need to remove it. Just get in the driver’s seat, pop your phone in and go!

totallee glass screen protectors

Glass Screen Protectors - $35

Cracked screens are the WORST, and a tempered glass screen protector can mean the difference between having to repair busted glass and an intact phone. Ours is just .55mm thick and ultra clear, so it’s essentially invisible.

It’s super easy to apply (no bubbles), and offers full, edge-to-edge protection with a rounded design that contours the front of your phone. It’s scratch resistant, and if you’re no stranger to dropping your phone, it helps to absorb the shock, which means less chance of damage. It works with Face ID and 3D touch, and has excellent touch responsiveness — no lags or glitches when you’re scrolling and swiping.

glass screen protector

It’s also compatible with all Totallee cases and virtually all other phone cases as well. Our screen protectors are available in a 1-pack for $39 or a 2-pack for $68 and they include a full installation kit with instructions, an alcohol wipe and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

totallee phone Ring Grip

Phone Ring Grip - $19

Prone to dropping your phone? Our ring grip makes it easier than ever to hold onto your phone and reach every corner of the screen. Designed to help prevent drops and ease grip, the slim, circular ring attaches to the back of your phone with a high strength 3M adhesive.

phone Ring Grip

It’s made of a light, durable zinc alloy metal and the ring doubles as a kickstand so you can pop it onto a surface and let it sit. The ring grip is also adjustable; it rotates 360º and folds down 180º. Plus, it works with magnetic phone holders. It comes in silver and dark, gunmetal grey.

totallee iPhone Charger Cable

iPhone Charger Cable - $19

Say so long to crappy convenience store charger cables. Our charger cable works with all Apple devices including iPhones, iPad and iPods. We’re MFi certified, meaning, Apple has vetted and approved our manufacturing partner, so you’ll never have a “this accessory is not supported” issue. Our cord is one full meter of durable braided black nylon, thoroughly stress tested so it won’t break or fray. It’s a USB 2 connection with a Lighting Connector to charge via your computer’s USB, wall power adapter, or car power adapter.

totallee iPhone Charger Cable SHOP CHARGER CABLE

Remember, our guarantee means that if you don’t love what you bought, we’ll refund your purchase in full! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty to back up our whole line of products.