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Three Minute Beginner’s Guide to the iPhone

    So you just got the iPhone, and if you're lucky its the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Nice… Welcome to the club. Let’s get you through the setup process, explain some of the basics, and then move on to the more exciting features.


Icons for location services and Touch ID on the Apple iPhone

The Initial Setup: Enable Location Services and Set Up Touch ID

     When you first turn your iPhone on, follow the step-by-step instructions given. You’ll be establishing the default settings, including your preferred language, PIN, and Siri (we'll formally introduce you two later). Make sure to enable Location Services if you’re interested in having certain apps, such as Apple Maps, aware of your current location. If you feel that’s a little too 1984 for you, simply disable this option in Settings. There is, however, an exciting new feature of the initial setup process: Touch ID. For added convenience you can have the iPhone learn your fingerprint so all you have to do is gently place your thumb on the home button and you’ll bypass the lock screen. 


Icons for iPhone contacts and the Apple App Store

The Basics: Transferring Contacts and Apps

     You’re going to want to transfer your contacts over to your new iPhone, either from iCloud, your previous Android, or a ‘90s Rolodex. If you have contacts from a previous iPhone saved onto iCloud, you can simply go to Settings → iCloud, select Contacts, and hit “Merge.” If you’re transferring contacts from an Android device, you can download the Move to iOS app to your Android. Move to iOS was developed by Apple and makes the transferring process easy and painless. And if you’re looking to add contacts from a Rolodex or some such relic, you’re stuck with the old-school manual route: Go to Phone → Contacts and then press the “+” button to add contacts individually.
     You’ll also want to know how to add/delete apps… because what good is an iPhone without apps? Add new apps from the iTunes Store, and then move them around your home screen by holding your finger on one for a brief period of time until all the apps start shaking. You can then hold and drag the apps to configure them how you prefer, and you can delete them by clicking the “X” in the upper corner of each.


Icons for Apple's Siri and Apple Music

The Fun Stuff: Say ‘Hi’ to Siri and Apple Music

     Thanks for sticking with me--now for the more enjoyable stuff. I'm pleased to introduce you to Siri, your iPhone’s all-knowing AI. To start the conversation, either hold the Home button down or (if you’re lucky enough to own the latest S series iPhone) simply say “Hey Siri” and she will listen to your requests. She’s actually pretty useful. Siri can type a hands-free text for you while driving or cooking; find upcoming movie showtimes; get you an immediate score update for your favorite team and much more.
     Also, take advantage of Apple Music, the new all-access streaming and downloading service. For a low monthly subscription fee it gives you access to 30 million songs--more than you’ll know what to do with. 


Become a Pro: If you want to dig deeper, check out the pre-installed Tips app. It gives you a list of cool features and apps to try out.