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Five Cool Things You Can Do With Face ID

how to use iPhone face ID

Face ID is one of the best features of the iPhone. It allows you to unlock your iPhone with your face instead of your thumbprint or passcode. But Face ID does more than just that. We’re running through the five most important uses for Face ID.


Unlocking Your iPhone

 Let’s start with the obvious: Face ID allows you to unlock your device using facial recognition. (Note: Face ID isn’t the only way to unlock your iPhone X; you can still use a number code.) To set it up, go to Settings → Face ID & Passcode, then put your face in front of the iPhone and follow the instructions. When you’re done, tap the screen or use raise-to-wake and face the iPhone. After the lock icon animates to open, swipe up to access the device.


Auto-Lowering of Ringer/Alarm Volume

 For all of us who screen calls and/or snooze alarms with frequency, Face ID is a nice addition. It automatically lowers the volume of an incoming call or the ringing of an alarm once you look at the screen. Makes sense, since you’re now aware of the alert--and would become increasingly peeved that you’re awake at such an hour with each successive ring.



 Animated Emojis, or Animojis, are emojis that respond to your facial motions. If you go to the Messages app and click on the monkey emoji face at the bottom, you can record a voice message with the emoji matching your corresponding facial expressions. It could be as simple as a monotone voice recording to a coworker or as vivacious as belting out an inebriated “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a friend. (Hint: it’s highly advisable you have the voice to attempt the latter, although more entertaining for us if you don’t)


Apple Pay

 You can pay for things with Apple Pay just like on previous iPhone editions, except instead of using your thumbprint you use Face ID. Double-click the side button and position your face in front of the iPhone. Then hold your phone near the contactless card reader and wait for the confirmation checkmark.


Warby Parker: New Glasses

Warby Parker can now use your iPhone to recommend a pair of glasses that fit your face. Download the free Warby Parker app and tap the selection “find your fit.” The app will then provide a list of frames suitable for your facial structure.

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