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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Cases

 Totallee has released a set of meticulously designed cases to protect your 9th-gen Samsung Galaxy. The new cases are made for both the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. So in addition to their 8th-gen lineup, which also includes cases for the Note 8, totallee has all of the most recent Samsung phones covered, keeping them protected from drops and scratches while not detracting from their external design.


ultra thin Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cases by totallee

material and color options

You have three matte color options to choose from: frosted clear, solid black and grey. The solid black is a, well, solid black that doesn’t allow any light through while the frosted clear and grey are translucent, allowing you to see some of the features of your Samsung through the case. You also have two glossy color options: jet white and jet black. Both are opaque, but will make your phone look ultra sleek.


super-slim lightweight Samsung Galaxy case by totallee

thin and light

Totallee’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cases are just as thin and light as their previous designs, measuring at 0.02” thick and weighing 0.1 oz. Their unbelievable thinness and near-weightlessness take nothing away from your Samsung, giving you the best of both worlds: drop protection without an obtrusive eye sore.


minimalist Samsung Galaxy case by totallee

precision cutouts

If you were worried the cases would cover over your Samsung’s speakers, camera, or fingerprint sensor, don’t sweat it. Totallee has specific cutouts for all the Samsung’s external features.


branding-free Samsung Galaxy Case by totallee


No one wants a protective case stealing the spotlight from their Samsung Galaxy. So totallee keeps their cases as minimal as possible, from the lack of visible branding to the simplicity of the design.

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Okay now that you're all done...

How about a proper introduction. We're totallee and we make the best ultra-thin cases trusted by over 200,000 customers and counting. All our covers are super light, branding free and provide functional, everyday protection.

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thin white iPhone X case
thin white iPhone X case side

$35  thin iPhone cases
available in 13 colors

thin blue Pixel 2 XL case
thin blue Pixel 2 XL case side

$35  thin Pixel cases
available in 4 colors

thin black galaxy s9 plus case
thin black galaxy s9 plus case side

$35  thin Galaxy cases
available in 5 colors