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Just Launched: Galaxy S10 Case, Galaxy S10+ Case, and Galaxy S10e Case

 Are you looking for a sleek and thin Galaxy S10 case? We have just launched our signature line of slim cases for the newest generation of Galaxy devices. You can now get your favorite totallee cases for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. Our cases are designed to compliment the beautiful design of your new Samsung phone, while offering protection from everyday bumps and scratches.


 Minimalist Galaxy S10 cases

Material and Color Options

Our Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e cases come in two different styles: matte and transparent. The matte cases are made from polypropylene, which measures 0.02” thin and weighs a mere 0.1 oz. The color options for the matte cases are frosted clear and solid black. The frosted clear case is mostly transparent with a white tint, which allows you to see some features of the phone right through the case. The solid black is fully opaque and will create that unbranded, ultra sleek look.


The clear transparent cases come in only one style, but this style is a customer favorite – the clear (soft) case. This case is made from TPU, which is a more flexible plastic that helps to absorb shock. It is completely transparent case with a dot matrix to prevent from watermarks. This case is only slightly thicker than our matte cases at 0.03”, but has the same awesome light weight of 0.1 oz. It is the perfect case for a little more protection, while not adding on any bulk.


 Slim and minimal thin cases for Galaxy S10

Precision Cutouts

We have designed our matte cases to have specific cutouts for all the Galaxy’s external features. Our transparent case has button covers for a little extra protection, but still has those precise cutouts for the speaker, microphone, and earphone jack located on the top and bottom of the phone.


 Ultra thin Galaxy S10 Plus case


At totallee, we’re all about keeping things as minimalistic as possible and this is reflected in all of the products we make. Our Galaxy S10 cases have no branding, or unnecessary features, so it’s the closest thing to having no case at all. This helps highlight all of the wonderful features of the phone, instead of hiding them behind a case.


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