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Five Signs That It’s Time To Ditch Your Bulky iPhone Case

     If having a case for your iPhone is good, a bulky, protective one must be even better, right? More protection, more peace of mind. That’s true--to an extent. But there’s a delicate balance between sufficient protection and functional overkill. You know your case has fallen into the latter category when...’re forced to straighten your pants leg and writhe your torso back and forth against your chair to fish your iPhone and its case out of your jeans so you can check your Snapchat. It’s just not sustainable, what with the sheer volume of Snapchats you receive a day.

…your oversized case makes you feel like you’re using a retro carphone, and there’s only so much 90's cosplay you can do after binging on Blink-182 everyday on your way to work.

… you feel oddly comfortable offering a $50 bet to your buddy Mark that the weight of your wife’s Prius backing over it wouldn’t even crack the screen.

…you take your case off and notice a significant decrease in the weight of your iPhone in your hand. Swiping through your Tinder batch for the day isn’t supposed to be a shoulder workout.

…your coworker asks if you could share some of your battery pack juice because her iPhone’s running low on power… Except you don’t have a battery pack case.


If the above sounds something like you, have no fear: our thin iPhone cases are bulk free but still offer the everyday protection you need. Explore our collection of thin iPhone cases.

You already have the new iPhone? All the more reason not to cover it in a bulky case. We offer iPhone cases in our shop for all you early adopters our there. 

Still here? Well, with your case problem solved there still might be 99 more to taken on. Maybe our guide on how to simplify your life can help...