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Should I buy an iPhone Case?

     You would think there would be only one reason to get an iPhone case: protection. And that’s true to an extent; drop protection is the common denominator of all cases. Nowadays, though, there are a multitude of different iPhone cases, all of which serve a unique purpose. We’ve put together a few good reasons to pick up a case for your do-it-all device.


1. Multifunctionality

 Today, many iPhone cases are multifunctional. Some are reserve battery packs, some have a retractable keyboard, and some are wallets and swiss army knives. There’s really no limit to the creativity of iPhone case designers.


2. Style

If you want to liven up your iPhone’s aesthetic, a fashionable case isn’t a bad place to start. iPhones in the flesh are naturally pretty sleek, but they’re everywhere, and as a result have lost that scintillating allure they had when first introduced. There’s no shortage of cool, pretty, nerdy, and trendy cases out there for you to shake up the look of your phone. 

Looking for a case that matches your unique style? Check out our Guide to Help You Compare totallee’s iPhone Cases.


3. Differentiation

In a similar vein to the style aspect, having a unique case is also helpful to differentiate your iPhone from others. When you’re out with a bunch of friends and a couple of you set your case-less iPhones down on the bar it’s all too easy to mix up each’s respective owner. Without a case it’s incredibly common to end up picking up a friend’s iPhone thinking it’s yours only to see a different wallpaper and split-second panic until you realize yours isn’t lost.


4. Protection

Most cases provide protection. But there are different kinds of protection for a variety of purposes. There are bulky cases that add serious drop protection but are less portable. Conversely, there are thin, sleek iPhone cases that add varying degrees of protection while keeping your iPhone as sleek and swift as possible. If you’re a pun-filled baby boomer dad, perhaps the bulkier case is better for you. If you’re a young go-getter businessman/woman with an iPhone addiction, a sleeker, thinner iPhone case would probably be more appropriate. Either way, a good case will add tactile grip to the slippery all-aluminum exterior of the iPhone, helping to prevent drops in the first place.


So you've decided that you need a case, but don't know where to start?

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