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Meet: The Matte | An Ultra Thin iPhone Case

      You’re a minimalist, so you’ve got a refined, sophisticated point to make with each carefully chosen piece of your daily outfit; from your soles of your custom-made oxford sneakers to the artfully-stitched neckline of your shirt. You’re so detailed-oriented about your style that you know that a clashing iPhone case can throw off your entire aesthetic. You want a case that reflects minimalist ideals--only adding small touches to improve the bigger picture. Allow us to introduce the cornerstone to your everyday class act: The Matte.


Ultra thin black iPhone case


     No logos. No frills. No distractions. We wanted to celebrate the iPhone’s sleek design without overwhelming it. The Matte’s neutral colors and extraordinary thinness are key to its success as the perfect minimalist iPhone case. Its hard exterior protects from everyday scratches, and its textured finish adds grip so it stays firmly in your hand, yet it is smooth enough to easily slip in and out of your pocket.


An ultra thin black iPhone case


     By saying more with less, the Matte is versatile: just as at home in your suit pocket as it is in the back pocket of your jeans. It’s the espresso of iPhone cases--giving you a healthy dose of style to keep you going. If you want to give your phone its final, elegant touch, visit our shop to place your order.