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Samsung Galaxy Cases

Totallee has a new lineup of well-crafted cases for the Samsung Galaxy. Whether you have the Samsung Note 8, S8/S8 Plus, or the brand-new S9/S9 Plus,  totallee has a top-of-the-line case (or two) for you. The cases are sleek, unobtrusive, and minimalistic without sacrificing drop protection.


ultra thin Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cases by totallee

material and color options

Totallee’s cases are made of resilient polypropylene that comes in three colors: midnight black, frosted white, and gray. The latter two options are translucent, allowing the features of the phone to show through, while the black is solid matte. But if you're lucky enough to own a new S9 or S9 Plus, you can also get a glossy jet white or jet black case.


super-slim lightweight Samsung Galaxy case by totallee

thin and light

All of totallee’s cases are 0.02” thick and weigh 0.1 oz, which, for perspective, amounts to the width of a couple playing cards and the weight of a penny. It would seem like there’s nothing there, if not for the peace of mind you get knowing it’s fully protected.

minimalist Samsung Galaxy case by totallee

precision cutouts

From the speakers on the bottom to the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back, totallee has precision case cutouts that allow you to operate your phone unobstructed.


branding-free Samsung Galaxy Case by totallee


The cases are completely unbranded, and everything is specifically constructed to be streamlined and practical. Because simplicity is key.

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