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How To Replace Your Laptop With Your iPhone

Half a decade ago, it would have been foolish to eschew your computer and replace it with your iPhone; now it’s in many ways preferable. We’ve compiled a list of typically computer-associated tasks that can be done just as easily on your iPhone, which not only means you won’t have to lug your computer around but also that you can accomplish these tasks anytime, anywhere (provided you have data on and an active cell signal).

Pay Bills with Your iPhone


This one may be obvious to some of you, but for those who aren’t familiar with it, email is readily available on your iPhone. In fact, it’s one of the four default apps at the bottom of your homepage. There’s really no need to be on your computer to send emails, unless of course you’re sending a downloaded file that you only have on your computer. Your email app can send, receive, CC/BCC, and forward, to name just a few.


Paying Bills

Wherever you can pay your bills on your computer, you can also do so on your iPhone. If your bill notifications are sent to your email, you can open your Mail app, find the bill, click on the hyperlink, and go to the web page where you’ll have to pay your bill. Other companies make it even easier with downloadable apps from the App Store, where you can log in directly through your iPhone homepage and pay your bills securely.


Create documents on your iPhone

Google Docs & Sheets

Until now it’s been virtually impossible to get around using Word and Excel on your computer. But Google Docs and Sheets? They’re available on your iPhone as downloadable apps. For those who haven’t used them before, they are the Google equivalent of Word/Excel and are just as intuitively easy to use. Their documents are also shareable, meaning you can work on a document simultaneously with multiple other people.



 The Calendar app is one of the most useful on your iPhone. You can input any event you would be able to on your computer, and additionally set alarms to alert you of an upcoming event--unlike your computer, which can only warn you of a commitment if you’re actively using it. Further, being able to update your calendar on the fly, instead of having to make a mental note to do it later, is immensely helpful for anyone with a lot on their plate.


Write Notes on Your iPhone


Perhaps the most underrated app on your iPhone, the Notes app is that yellow-and-white, lined sheet of paper that lets you jot down thoughts, ideas, appointments, etc. Instead of lugging around a computer or notepad/pen wherever you go, just whip out your iPhone and jot down that fleeting thought that you’ll want to remember later. You can categorize your notes into different folders, take photos of your notes, make charts/tables, and directly text/email your notes to others.

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