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Perfect Cases for the Jet Black iPhone 7/7 Plus

After weeks of back and forth, you finally cave and purchase the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black. The tuxedo shoes of iPhones. Excellent choice.

Now you're on the hunt for a case to protect the glossy, scratch-prone finish, but want to find one that plays nicely with the original aesthetic of your device. Well, we've tried all our cases on the Jet Black iPhone and break each pairing down one-by-one so you know exactly what to expect.



Back view of a thin and transparent iPhone case for the Jet Black iPhone 7

The Spy

With its slim and fully transparent body, the Spy is the ultimate "Jet Black-ers" dream. This iPhone case keeps your device looking shiny and fresh out of the box, while adding a practically invisible layer of protection. These two were truly made for each other and are guaranteed to live happily ever after.


Back view of an ultra thin iPhone case in white for the Jet Black iPhone 7
The Scarf in Frosted White

This case is our second most transparent option to pair with the Jet Black iPhone, but unlike the Spy, the Scarf offers a matte finish. I know what you're thinking: "I bought the Jet Black because it was glossy". Well, fair enough; see option #1. If that's not what you're thinking, allow me to continue. With the frosted white Scarf's semi-opaque composition, you'll still catch glimpses of the Apple logo on the back to serve as a friendly reminder that you indeed have the newest iPhone available. Phew.

Back view of an ultra thin iPhone case in black for the Jet Black iPhone 7
The Scarf in Matte Black

Is your wardrobe composed of simple, yet timeless, unbranded pieces of clothing? Have you ever referred to yourself as a minimalist? Do you like the Batmobile? Well, if you answered "Yes" to any or all of the above, this option is (subtly) calling your name. Although this case is ultra-thin, the Scarf in matte black transforms your new iPhone into a clean, matte beauty with no branding in sight. 

Much like the different colored iPhones themselves, all our cases are great options for different reasons – it really just comes down to personal preference. Already know what you want? Head on over to our shop to buy your perfect case now.

Still have questions about our iPhone 7 cases or iPhone 7 Plus cases? Check out A Guide to Help You Compare totallee’s iPhone Cases for some more information, or shoot us an email: