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Jet Black vs. Matte Black iPhone: Which one should I get? (Quiz)

matte black iphone case and jet black iphone case by totallee


    You may have noticed Apple now offers two new color options for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Jet Black and Matte Black. (If you don’t already know, the Jet is glossy and sleek, while Matte is the opposite--unreflective and rugged.) The two additional colors are refreshing alternatives to the ubiquitous silver-backed iPhone and the less common gold and rose-gold selections. But which one is better? Well that depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. That’s why we have created an easy seven-question quiz to help you compare and make an informed decision.  



1. What is the color of your current iPhone?

  • Space Grey or Silver   (0 pts)
  • Gold   (1 pt)
  • Rose Gold   (2 pts)

2. How do you typically dress when you go out? 

  • T-shirts and jeans   (0 points)
  • I sometimes throw on a button-down   (1 pt)
  • Blazer and slacks with dress shoes   (2 pts)
  • I buy a different suit for every occasion   (3 pts)

3. Hypothetical: you just won the lottery, what do you do next?

  • Invest it all in risk free government bonds  (0 pts)
  • Vegas! (But no bottle service or fancy cabanas.)   (1 pt)
  • What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of my G5   (3 pts)

4. Do you use an iPhone case?

  • Absolutely. It's protective and helps with grip   (0 pts)
  • Most of the time   (1 pt)
  • No, I love to feel and see my iPhone at all times (3 pts)

5. Is you iPhone case transparent?

  • No, it's practically a bank vault   (0 pts
  • Kinda, it's translucent   (1 pt)
  • Yes, it's perfectly clear   (2 pts)
  • I already told you, I don't use a case   (3 pts)

6. How much do scratches and scuffs bother you?

  • I freak out and buy a new iPhone if I notice one scratch   (0 pts)
  • They're annoying but I can deal  (1 pt)
  • I can play tic-tac-toe on the back of my iPhone  (3 pts)

7. Quick, without thinking: Indiana Jones, James Bond, or Darth Vader?

  • Indiana Jones  (0 pts)
  • James Bond   (2 pts)
  • Darth Vader   (3 pts)


    0-5 points

    Easy decision, go with Matte. It’s durable and doesn’t scuff. It also won’t go out of its way to stand out--perfect for your hard-working, humble, and adventurous lifestyle. 

    Shop Matte Black

    6-9 points

    Leaning Matte. It fits your personality and preferences better, but you could go for Jet and it wouldn’t be too far from the ordinary.

    Shop Matte Black

    10-14 points

    Leaning Jet. You might not be the glossiest individual, but you don’t mind receiving the occasional double-take when you walk into a room.

    Shop Jet Black

    15-19 points

    Jet. There’s really no other option for you. You’re as sleek as sleek gets, and you won’t stand for anything less than the most on-fleek accessory you can have.

    Shop Jet Black