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The Jet Black iPhone Case by totallee

So you have the beautiful, new-ish, Jet Black iPhone; you love it and treat it like it's your first born baby.  Yet, you know that this sort of overly-delicate handling just isn't sustainable forever, so you decide it's time to purchase a case.  But, you don't want one that is going to mask your device's glossy black finish, because let's be honest – that's half the reason why you bought it in the first place.  Enter our Jet Black iPhone case

3 falling iPhones with Jet Black cases on them
A close up of a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus case, showing its camera protection
A jet black iPhone case on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


This case is all the things you loved about our original scarf case (ultra-thin profile, lightweight body, and free of branding), but with a glossy black finish that mirrors the Jet Black iPhone's original aesthetic.  Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too.  

 Get yours for only $19.


Okay now that you're all done...

How about a proper introduction. We're totallee and we make the best ultra-thin cases trusted by over 200,000 customers and counting. All our covers are super light, branding free and provide functional, everyday protection.

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thin white iPhone X case
thin white iPhone X case side

$25  thin iPhone cases
available in 13 colors

thin blue Pixel 2 XL case
thin blue Pixel 2 XL case side

$25  thin Pixel cases
available in 4 colors

thin black galaxy s9 plus case
thin black galaxy s9 plus case side

$25  thin Galaxy cases
available in 5 colors