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A Clear iPhone Case Offers Invisible Protection

     You have an iPhone, and you like how it looks. No, you love how it looks. But you need to protect it, and all the cases you’ve tried detract from its visual appeal. They’re too bulky, too cumbersome, too opaque. And going without one just isn’t realistic. You wish there were a third option, a case that protects your iPhone without interfering with its aesthetic. Call it “invisible protection,” the holy grail of iPhone cases.

     Well, believe it or not, invisible iPhone protection exists. Thin, transparent cases that provide legit defense are the cutting edge of the iPhone-case world. There are a multitude of different types, but they’re all united by their clear exteriors and slim fit. The top of the line, like totallee’s Spy, are made from thermoplastic polyurethane,which offers the best physical protection for your iPhone while remaining seemingly non-existent.

   The common dilemma of visual appeal and iPhone protection now has a solution. Sleek, see-through iPhone cases strike a happy medium between the visual purity of your naked iPhone and the protection of a thick, durable case. You could say they take their martinis shaken and stirred (I’ll see myself out for that one).