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How To Avoid Dropping Your iPhone

     Prone to dropping your iPhone? Don’t sweat it. We all get lackadaisical occasionally and make mistakes. The key is to cut down on those situations where you’re more likely to drop or damage your iPhone. We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you and put together below a list of helpful tips for keeping your iPhone out of harm’s way.


Keep Your iPhone Out Of Your Lap

Since fishing your iPhone from your pants pocket and putting it back again successively gets old quickly, it’s become commonplace to rest your iPhone in your lap for easy access. Unfortunately, having your phone perform a balancing act on the edge of your upper thigh is one of the simplest ways to have it end up on the floor, shattered. If you need your iPhone at the tip of your fingers for rapid access, place it on a table or desk in your immediate vicinity instead. Don’t risk trebuchet-ing it at your office’s linoleum floor with the swipe of one wayward hand gesture.


Eschew The Drunk Selfie

Who doesn’t enjoy a little Instagram humble-bragging after a couple drink’s on Friday night? “At the bar with my boys for life, get it!” Selfies are fine; drunk selfies are a disaster waiting to happen. If the cringe-worthy photos weren’t themselves indication enough, perhaps the shattered, Old Fashioned-glazed iPhone screen will convince you otherwise.

Take A Break From The Screen In The John

It’s become socially acceptable to bring your smartphone along for any extended bathroom business. But with the number of moving parts to the act, the chances of dropping your iPhone in the toilet bowl for a swim have never been greater. It didn’t always used to be this way. There was a time when keeping yourself entertained by reading the labels of random bathroom hygiene supplies was a totally normal thing to do. Thinking back on it, the experience wasn’t actually that much worse. Put the iPhone away for a few minutes and enjoy your private time without a screen in your face.


Use Your Front Pocket

No doubt it looks and feels awesome to slide your iPhone into your back pocket after a phone call, but let’s be honest, you’re going to forget about it and end up sitting on it later. Feeling the cracking of your screen as you shift your entire body weight onto your innocent iPhone vastly outweighs any short-lived emotional bump you get from smoothly slipping it into your back pocket in the first place.

While this list is far from the be-all end-all of iPhone-breaking prevention, there is a way to generally limit the amount of times you drop your iPhone: a grippy protective iPhone case. Many cases (not to mention the bare iPhone) don’t have the necessary grip to keep the device in your hand when you’re using it. A protective case with a soft, rubbery surface is best for drop-prevention. Check out ours: the Doberman