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Faces Behind the Cases

For the past five years, we at totallee have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best products and service we can. As a small business, our dedicated team of seven amazing individuals can work hard everyday just for you. We wanted to take the time to show you what a day at totallee looks like, and a glimpse at the faces behind the cases.


Jenna Clocking In
Good Morning!

Here’s Jenna clocking in in the morning by taking a picture of herself with our iPad. We may or may not have a competition for the best/weirdest/funniest clock in photo.

Totallee Chipping Team
Bon Voyage

First thing in the morning Dianne and George fulfill all of your online orders. We’re able to ship things out within 1 business day because of these fine people.

Natalie Taking a Picture
Photo Op

Every picture you see on our website (including this one!) was taken by Natalie. Not entirely sure how she did it, but obviously she’s a straight up boss.

Mitchell Showing Off Design
Design Star

While he may not be on HGTV, Mitchell is our very own design star. Here he is showing off his latest sketch.

Caitlin writing a note to a customer
How Can We Help You?

Almost every email that comes to us is answered by Caitlin. Sometimes she’ll even write you a little note! If you ever need anything, just email her at

Totallee Team Meeting
Meeting Minutes

We end the day with a team meeting run by our founder Matt. Ball caps are clearly the best accessory for today’s power suits.

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