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Comparing totallee Cases In Everyday Terms

    When you’re in the market for a new iPhone case, you’re bound to come across a bevy of abstract numbers and statistics while browsing websites and reading reviews. One case is 0.07” thick. Another weighs 0.8 oz. But what do those numbers actually mean in real-life terms? Below we’ve provided some quirky, yet illuminating, examples of what our iPhone case specifics mean in terms everyone can understand.

    An illustration of 3 quarters.

    The Transparent

    Thickness: 0.03”

    • The Capital One credit card you only ordered because Samuel L. Jackson wanted you to have a sweet cashback deal, and you don’t say no to Mace Windu.
    • The low-E string on that acoustic guitar you bought three years back and have only learned to play “Heart of Gold” and the intro to “Crazy Train” on.

    Weight: 0.4 oz

    • Approximately three quarters, enough for 15 minutes at a parking meter in the arts district of your nearest metropolitan center.
    • The toothbrush you had before upgrading to electric.


    An illustration of 3 blueberries.

    The Matte

    Thickness: 0.02”

    • Two poker cards, or just enough to begin a blackjack hand that you’ll bust by hitting on 18.
    • Roughly the thickness of one of those glossy postcards from Macy’s that you immediately discard upon collecting your mail.

    Weight: 0.1 oz

    • Three of the handful of organic blueberries you’ll be throwing into your Magic Bullet to kickstart your morning.
    • The teaspoon of sugar you mix in your morning coffee as a reward for getting to work on time.