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Guide To Compare Different iPhone Case Styles

     There are a lot of different iPhone cases out there, and choosing which option is best can be difficult. So we graphed nine types of popular cases. The further you go to the right, the thinner the case; the further you go up, the more elegant the case. Oh, and you might notice the logos resemble popular superheroes. We figured we would put the logo of the superhero most likely to use each particular style. Check it out below–maybe your favorite superhero will help you choose a new case.


1. Slim Profile

Your most minimal case. Light, sleek, and eminently grippable.
Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: High-energy busy bees who demand efficiency in every aspect of their life.
Ideal Situation: When you’re in the midst of a barrage of work emails, texts, and calls. The slim, minimal case lets you whip your phone in and out of your pocket with the least resistance.
Superhero Who Would Use It: Batman. Because he’s only Batman, like, half the time at most; the rest of the time he’s the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and he can’t have a bulky phone slowing him down.

2. Heavy-Duty

This is the be-all, end-all of phone protection. You could run this thing over with the Space Shuttle and it would keep finding Tinder matches.
Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Construction workers and anyone who doesn’t totally trust themselves holding their $700 device five feet up from the concrete.
Ideal Situation: When you’re on a ladder and you drop your iPhone trying to fish it out of your pocket.
Superhero Who Would Use It: The Hulk. Seriously. If you’re hulking out every other day, wouldn’t you want a case that could take some super-strength punishment?

3. Transparent

A see-through outer shell for your phone that doesn’t detract from your iPhone’s design.
Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Those who appreciate their iPhone’s aesthetic but are smart enough to know they still have to give it some protection.
Ideal Situation: When you’re subtly trying to impress one of your more artistic colleagues, who is, say, an architect or graphic designer.
Superhero Who Would Use It: The Invisible Woman. Because she’s invisible. Obviously.

4. Waterproof

Keeps your iPhone dry in shallow water and provides solid all-around protection in general.
Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Adventurers, beach goers, and jacuzzi-philes.
Ideal Situation: When you put your iPhone in the pocket of your board shorts, without acknowledging that you will undoubtedly forget to take it out before wading into the shallow end of the pool.
Superhero Who Would Use It: Aquaman, duh. You can’t summon the power of the sea without a waterproof case.

5. Bumper

Relatively sleek and minimal, but kind of a dying breed.
Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Anyone who’s still rocking the iPhone 4.
Ideal Situation: When you’re rocking out to Paper Planes by MIA like it’s ‘09.
Superhero Who Would Use It: Hellboy, who’s a legendary Superhero but has fallen out of favor lately (has it really been 12 years since Hellboy first came out?).

6. Silly

If “bells and whistles” were an iPhone case, this would be the result.
Type of Person It’s Perfect For: Anyone under the age of 12.
Ideal Situation: When your parents just dropped you off at the mall and you’re pumped to show off your new 6S.
Superhero Who Would Use It: Care Bear. Not really a superhero but we’re being silly here–get it?

7. Belt Holster

Primarily for convenience and efficiency.
Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Baby boomer dads who used to rock a hip pager in the ‘90s.
Ideal Situation: When you’re doing anything that requires two hands.
Superhero Who Would Use It: Spiderman. The dude’s always hanging out on the side of buildings and radio antennas. The Belt Holster case comes in handy when he needs both hands to save falling heroines.

    8. Wood/Leather

    Style above all else. Wood and leather cases make your iPhone look “fresh” and “on fleek,” as the kids say these days.
    Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Do you don a fedora occasionally? Do you roll your jeans up around your ankles? If so, this case is for you!
    Ideal Situation: When you’re trying to look cool for the girl with pink hair in your Philosophy 100 study group.
    Superhero Who Would Use It: Wolverine. Because Magneto’s powers wouldn’t be able to manipulate a wood iPhone case.

      9. Battery

      Useful for when you’re on the move and can’t stop to charge your phone. And nothing’s worse than a dead iPhone.
      Type Of Person It’s Perfect For: Hikers, campers, and high school students who can’t charge their phone in class.
      Ideal Situation: When you’re in the wilderness, and your iPhone can’t die.
      Superhero Who Would Use It: Iron Man. Why not add a phone charging case to the thousand gadgets he already has on his suit?

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