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Best Leather iPhone Cases

Need an iPhone case but looking for something with a little more style and elegance? Going with leather is a sophisticated alternative to your standard-issue case, particularly if your iPhone’s appearance is as important to you as its protective capabilities. But even within the category of “leather case” you’re still left to deliberate between multiple subtypes, such as wallet-style or ultra-slim. Below is a brief breakdown of the leather iPhone case landscape for a quick idea of what’s out there and who’s doing it well.


wallet style leather case recommended by totallee

Wallet Style 

The wallet-style leather case acts simultaneously as an iPhone protector and a wallet for your credit cards, cash, and ID--keeping all of your most important pocket items in one place. They come in multiple forms: some have a leather flap in the front for wallet storage, while others have a small slit in the back for your cards/ID.

Who’s Doing It Well? … Bellroy, where they offer a variety of wallet-style options, ranging from one-card cases to zipper pockets.


genuine leather iphone X case by totallee

Ultra Slim

 A lightweight, thin leather case is a fantastic option for those looking to add a layer of extra grip and drop protection to their iPhone without significantly altering its size and shape. High-quality slim cases will effectively straddle the line between sufficient external defense and limited adulteration of your iPhone’s appearance.

Who’s Doing It Well? … totallee, where you can pick up an ultra-slim (.02”) leather case made from real leather for only $45. 


leather book iPhone case recommended by totallee


This is by far the most eclectic grouping of iPhone cases, running the gamut from rainbow-striped to Native American engravings to Renaissance paintings--and everything in between. This classification proves particularly useful to those with more creative, divergent, or esoteric tastes, and want their iPhone case to be a reflection of that.

Who’s Doing It Well? twelve south, which offers a case, “BookBook,” that is the spitting image of a Medieval hardback book encasing your iPhone.


Apple leather iPhone case recommended by totallee


As you increase the thickness of any case, you’re likely going to add drop protection as well and the same is true of leather cases. The thicker, bulkier leather cases will do more to protect your phone, but keep in mind that they’ll also change its size, shape, and massing.

Who’s Doing It Well? Apple’s iPhone Leather case, which is about as thick and protective as you want a leather case before it becomes overly cumbersome.

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