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Meet the Three Best iPhone Cases Under $40

Whether you have a years-old iPhone or one that’s brand new, protecting it from drops, scuffs, and scratches should be your #1 priority. No one wants to shell out $1000 on a new iPhone because they fumbled it trying to hastily film a Snapchat video that, let’s be honest, wasn’t going to be that funny in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, however, you don’t have to spend a lot to protect your iPhone. Totallee has three high-quality cases for under $40.


Ultra Thin iPhone Case by Totallee


If the concept of bulk is anathema to your very essence, then totallee’s thin iPhone case is just what you need. Offered in ten different color tones, the thin case provides you with the peace of mind of knowing your iPhone is protected while minimizing the amount of size it adds around its surface, lending it a comfortable fit in your hand and pocket.


minimalist clear iPhone case by totallee


Totallee’s clear case is tailor-made for those of you who prefer your iPhone’s design aesthetic as-is and don’t want to cover it up. The thermoplastic polyurethane its composed of is completely transparent while adding an elastic layer of tactile grip.