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Should I Buy a Screen Protector?

     As many people know, an iPhone case is a must-have. But what about a screen protector? Is it worth it to have an added layer of protection shielding your screen? And even if it is, what about those nightmarish screen bubbles you’ve heard about? These are important questions. Let’s put them to rest.

     First, get the idea of screen bubbles out of your head. Screen bubbles are the result of plastic screen protectors, which are about as relevant as AOL. The modern world has moved on to tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass is smooth, scratch-resistant, and hardly noticeable, unlike its flimsy plastic counterpart. Installing one is a piece of cake--check out totallee’s guide for a step-by-step breakdown

     OK, but even with tempered glass instead of plastic, is a protector in general worth it? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Dropped iPhones shatter significantly less when protected by tempered glass (peruse YouTube and you’ll find a host of amateur Mythbuster-like tests). In the event of a fall, the screen protector acts as a shock-absorber, diffusing the force of the phone’s fall and decreasing the likelihood of a break.

     Screen protectors also reduce unappealing scratch marks and shield your iPhone from damaging elements like water and sand. You still can’t drop your iPhone in the pool, but if you accidentally spill a glass of water on your desk and some splashes on your screen, your iPhone’s going to be fine. A good screen protector is the best insurance money can buy. If you’re serious about protecting your $900+ device, come order your own tempered-glass screen protector for $35 from our online store.


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