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Meet: The Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector

Plastic screen protectors were popular when iPhones first hit the market, but because of their obvious downsides--unsightly screen bubbles and sticky surfaces among others--they’ve steadily been eschewed in favor of higher-quality protection, such as tempered glass. At totallee we only offer a tempered glass protector, because we believe that if we’re going to do something, we might as well do it right.



A significant step up from its plastic counterpart, our edge-to-edge tempered glass screen protector offers sleek, clear, scratch-resistant protection. Whereas cheap screen protectors tend to become increasingly oily and opaque with each laborious swipe, our glass protector is made with oleophobic (oil-repellant) coating, which means it will maintain its transparency naturally. The fact that it’s glass gives it a smooth, glossy feel, allowing your fingers to swipe as swiftly and freely as they would on a bare screen.   

A tempered glass screen protector on an iPhone providing scratch protection from keys.

Our tempered glass offers substantially more protective support than both plastic and no screen protector, and that’s really the bottom line. You can go cheap with a low-end screen protector--or even go “commando,” so to speak--but you’re taking on the unnecessary risk of potentially damaging your screen every time you whip out your iPhone to capture your buddy Todd’s impromptu “Good Will Hunting” impression for your Snapchat story. For $35 you can pick up your own tempered glass screen protector from our online store. More Snapchat stories, fewer broken screens.