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iPhone Case: Should I Buy One?

   We all have to make the choice at some point: to get an iPhone case or not? On the one hand you could get a case, protect your $700 iPhone, and add some extra grip. No one wants to deal with a broken iPhone every six months. Or you could forgo a case altogether, because most are bulky, imposing, and detract from the design of the iPhone--but you’re choosing to live your life on the edge, one mishandle away from a shattered screen at all times. 

     It seems that no matter what you decide, you end up sacrificing something. That is, of course, if you’re stuck choosing between one of your “typical” iPhone cases. But why settle when you don’t have to? You’re not the father of the Settler family in one of those DirecTV commercials. It’s 2016--there are slim cases out there that strike a balance between protection and style.

     For instance you could go with an elegant transparent case, which you’ll forget exists until it’s breaking your iPhone’s five-foot fall to the sidewalk, or you could try a hyper-thin, polyurethane case that meshes beautifully with your iPhone’s design, among others. There isn’t an ounce of fat on these cases. They do an excellent job protecting your phone, and you won’t have to writhe back and forth in your chair at work desperately reaching into your skinny jeans to turn off your ringer blasting “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

     The main point to take away is that form and function aren’t mutually exclusive anymore. We’ve emerged from the dark, early ages of brick-like iPhone cases and entered the age of slim, elegant cases.