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Meet: The Doberman | A Durable Thin iPhone Case

    Everybody has that one friend who skimps on their iPhone case. The screen is perpetually cracked, and it’s worse every time you see them. Don’t be that guy. You need a durable case with functional protection, but the key is to find a case that doesn’t also cover up your iPhone’s aesthetic. Allow me to introduce the best of both worlds: the Doberman

totallee's thin and durable iPhone case offering front lip protection.
Just like its canine counterpart, the Doberman is strong and resilient while also sleek and elegant. The all-black protective casing coats your iPhone in shock absorbent rubber thermoplastic polyurethane that is easy to grip. The design adds thickness around the edge for extra defense against the dreaded front-facing drop. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re whipping out your phone for that Snapchat moment you just have to capture, and in your haste the phone slips from your grip. With your typical case you’re $80 in the hole and planning your day around a mission to a Fix Your iPhone store. 


A durable matte black iPhone 7 Plus case


The Doberman is the ultimate guard dog. Its slim form and logo cut-out keep your iPhone looking like an iPhone. You won’t be stuck dancing and jerking to get your phone out of your skinny jeans pocket. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty case that maintains your iPhone’s aesthetic appeal, the Doberman is barking your name.

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