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10 Useful and Funny Questions To Ask Siri

What to ask siri

Siri, your iPhone’s programmed personal assistant, is incredibly smart. You can ask her almost anything and she’ll have an answer for you. She can do things for you on your iPhone simply by request. The vast majority of the time Siri’s serious, giving you useful answers and obeying your commands. But if she senses you being facetious, she’ll respond in kind with witty, sarcastic answers. We’re exploring both ends of the spectrum--five useful and five funny questions you can (and should) ask Siri. 



1. Create a Calendar Event

“Can you mark my calendar that I have an appointment with Dr. Newhouse at 10am on Friday?”

-You can also ask her to remind you of the event 15 mins, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week beforehand.


2. Figure Out What Song Is Playing

“What song is playing?”

-She will take a few seconds to absorb the ambient music playing and then identify the track and artist for you.


3. Find Out the Score of a Game

“What’s the score in the LA Lakers game?”

-Not only will she give you the score of the game, but also how much time remains (or innings, periods, etc.) and her interpretation of what’s happened (e.g., “It’s a real nail-biter…”).


4. Find the Fastest Route to Your Destination

“Can you give me directions to 1234 Elm St?”

-The route shown on Maps will be the fastest one according to current traffic patterns.


5. Solve a Math Problem

“What is 15% of $67.35?”

-This is particularly useful for quickly solving tips for restaurant bills.




6. “What is 0 divided by 0?”

-Her response veers quickly from “deeply philosophical” to “ow, that burns.”


7. “What’s the best cell phone?”

-Despite her near-omniscient wisdom, she seems to be clueless of her competitors.


8. “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

-Her answer is surprisingly specific.


9. “What do you think of iOS 13?”

-It turns out her pun game is as strong as her self-reflective insight.


10. “Blue pill or red pill?”

-She’ll get the Matrix reference… and throw one back at you.