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Thin Leather iPhone Case in Mocha Brown

 Like that early morning mocha coffee that kickstarts your dreary Monday, an iPhone case with the right attitude adds more than just protection for your phone; it invigorates your day. Totallee’s mocha leather iPhone case does just that, draping a voguish mocha brown over an ultra-thin, lambskin-backed case.


mocha lambskin leather

Totallee’s new case is made of high-quality lambskin leather, providing a fashionable contrast of throwback style to your high-tech device. If you’re planning on a night out, why not let your case turn up your look a notch or two?


nearly weightless

As always with totallee, this case is practically weightless: 0.1 oz. The only time you’ll notice it is when you’re looking directly at it or feeling its rustic surface in your hand.


as thin as thin gets

A .02-inch sheath of drop-resistant leather is what separates the case’s outer and inner edges. You can’t really make a leather iPhone case any thinner.


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