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How to Remove an iPhone Case


Replacing your old iPhone case? Trying out a more rugged one for a weekend excursion? Maybe you’re just looking to give yours a clean. Whatever the reason, if you need a quick refresher on safely removing your iPhone case, you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down the process step-by-step. (If you’re instead looking for help putting one on, check out our guide.)


Step 1. Prepare

Before beginning, make sure you’re over a soft surface to prevent any damage to your phone in case you drop it.


Step 2. Remove the Bottom-Left Corner

Starting with the bottom-left corner, use one hand to grip the iPhone securely and the other to gently begin pulling the case around the corner of the iPhone until it’s off. Using your fingernail or a tool with a dull edge (like a coin) may be helpful when beginning the process.


Step 3. Continue Counter-Clockwise 

Continue counter-clockwise to the next corner and pull the case around each subsequent corner until the case is fully removed.


Step 4. Final Check

Double check to make sure you didn’t hit the volume buttons or flip the ring/mute button (all top-left on the iPhone) while removing the case. You really don’t want to accidentally end up having that funny video turned on at full blast because you held the Volume Up button while taking off your case.